About us

The Uganda National Cultural Centre whose official acronym is UNCC, is a Ugandan statutory body that was established on the 8th October 1959 by the Uganda National Cultural Centre Act, a 1959 Act of Parliament (amended 1965). The Uganda National Cultural Centre, a semi-autonomous body was then officially inaugurated on 2nd December 1959.


  • To preserve, promote and popularize Uganda’s cultural heritage locally and internationally
  • To entertain and educate the public using theatre and film
  • To enhance and safeguard the quality and standard of the arts in the country.


UNCC Services

  • Produce stage productions
  • Host stage performance
  • Dance classes
  • Host Art and Culture festivals
  •  Hold workshops, seminars, symposia, Industrial training sessions, public lectures etc
  • Hold exhibitions, Art, photo, food etc
  • Offer artistic consultancy services to stakeholders
  • Carry out audio and video recording of different programmes.
  • Host other selected functions like meetings, parties, press conferences.
  • Organise tailored courses in selected artistic areas
  • Offer catering services
  • Offer Resource Centre services at no charge

UNCC Mission:

The UNCC Mission is “To preserve, develop and promote Uganda’s culture globally through setting standards, building capacity and implementing national policies.”

UNCC Vision:

The UNCC Vision 2018 is “A centre of excellence in nurturing culture as a primary driver of National development in Uganda by 2018.”



We uphold laws and regulations, act with honesty and treat everyone with fairness and respect.


We conduct ourselves and serve our clients in a manner that reflects positive image of UNCC.


We carry out our tasks as per our mandate in such a way that we accept responsibility for our actions.


We work collectively at all times until we achieve our common goals.


We are mindful of the set standards which we adhere to without compromise.