Board of Directors

The Current Board of Trustees

Oversight of the UNCC is the responsibility of an eight-member Board of Trustees, appointed and overseen by the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development to a renewable 3 years term of office. The tenure of service for any Board is three years. The current Board was appointed in May 2015.

Mandate of the UNCC Board of Trustees:

The UNCC Board of Trustees is mandated to Administer, control and manage the Trust property and funds in accordance with UNCC Act and without prejudice to UNCC Mission and Vision.

UNCC Management

The Board of Trustees appoints a Management team and hires other employees. The Management is headed by the Executive Director.


  1. Finance Department : Headed by the Finance Manager
  2. HR & Administration Department : Headed by the HR & Administrative Manager
  3. Production Department : Headed by a Production Manager
  4. Visual Arts Department : Headed by a Gallery Manager
  5. IT Department : Headed by an IT Manager
  6. Public Relations Department : Headed by a PR Officer
  7. Marketing Department : Headed by a Marketing Officer