ESTEEM: A Kyooto Production Premiering Tuesday 30th July 2019 at National Theater 🎭 at 10,000 UGX and 20,000 UGX from 6PM 🕕

A fiction story based on real life events tackling Life, Friendship, Betrayal, Self-Denial, Acceptance and Self-Discovery

A talented university student Rashida with less belief in her abilities believes she is better off with a famous campus group than her musical friend

Produced and Directed By Kizito Samuel Saviour
Written by Josephine Kabahuma

Tusiime Grace
Daniel Lowly Mbabazi
Josephine Kabahuma
Angel Toni Acer
Douglas Byaruhanga
Tumusiime Alexander
Namara Jolly
Sharifah Nalukabwe
Kiwanuka Elias

NOTE: KYOOTO partners with a number of production companies in the making of these films which include; Coconote Studios , A company dealing in sound design and music for film (Working as Sound Designer); Mpaka Records, a record label and music production house (Working as Music and Score Team); 2094 Studios A film production company (Part of Producing Team).

July 30 @ 19:30
19:30 — 22:30 (3h)

National Theatre