Tuzinne Festival is an annual festival that combines performing arts and human rights advocacy by providing a platform for organisations to educate the public while dance artists share their experiences, ideas, and views about human rights violations and advocacy through their creative talents. Tuzinne Festival also aims to address the urgent need for a common platform in order to create a network for professionally trained artists within the contemporary and traditional dance in East Africa.

Tuzinne Festival: Where Human Rights Dance aims to:
1. Open cultural border and facilitation of exchange, research, learning, and knowledge-sharing between dancers
2. Reinforce the role of artists as individuals with an influence to demonstrate advocacy through the arts
3. Offer a platform for addressing issues within the public
4. Work with professionals and organisations to reach out to communities and educate them about human rights issues and how to address them
5. Give a voice to vulnerable groups regarding their experience with human rights. Join us as we celebrate our rights through tradition dances and contemporary art at the 3rd edition of TUZINNE FESTIVAL WHERE HUMAN RIGHTS DANCE

November 11 @ 10:00
10:00 — 14:00 (4h)

National Theatre

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