National Theatre Resource Centre

The National Theatre resource centre is a spacious place ideal for reading and research. It’s equipped with books about theatre, Plays from renowned writers both local and international.

The National Theatre Resource Centre contributes to the promotion of the history, heritage, and Culture of Uganda. The Centre boasts of:

  • Major collection of contemporary books and current issues
  • Collection of National newspapers, magazines and journals
  • Extensive collection on a number of Reports, Paper presentations on art-based and cultural issues.
  • Enough and quiet space for your personal reading
  • Materials are easily accessible
  1. Music: The Resource Centre has got a music section of old LPs ,books , instruments like guitars, Traditional drums, xylophones and many more .Watch out for Music lessons soon to start.
  2. Children’s Corner: There are a number of children’s books like story books, plays, Atlases and world record books. Watch out for the children’s programme!


The National Theatre Resource Centre is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm. It is open to book donations and many more relevant materials that the people of the nation can benefit from.