Refurbished National Theatre Unveiled.

Refurbished National Theatre Unveiled.

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Refurbished National Theatre Unveiled

A new look and refurbished National Theatre Building Complex was on Wednesday August 29, 2018 inaugurated and reopened to the public by the permanent Secretary Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development Mr Pius Bigirimana who represented minister Janat Mukwaya. Writes Chris M. Kato

At a function that commenced with hoisting various flags representing different cultural diversity, Mr Bigirimana assured the general public that Uganda national Cultural Centre (UNCC) is for Uganda’s cultural centre centrally supervised by his ministry and dispelled romours that Uganda National Cultural Centre is up for sale. He castigated all those habouring this notion and reiterated the ministry’s determination to continue with refurbishment of the current facility and even construct more modern buildings while retaining the current building whose renovation in this first phase has cost government 3.1b.

He assured guests that included cultural leaders, ambassadors, artists, honourable members of parliament, the constructors and the general public that as long as he is still the accounting officer for the ministry, more funds will be availed to enhance culture stressing the fact that a “country without preservation of culture can never develop.”
The executive director of Uganda National Cultural Centre, Mr. Francis Ojede, on his part thanked the president in particular and the ministry of gender for giving priority to the renovation of this cultural centre which had never seen major repairs since its inauguration way back in 1959, he thanked the board of directors for their stewardship during the course of renovation and assured them of the resolve his management team to utilize the property appropriately with a long term vision of self-sustainability.
Mr. Owere the Board Chairman too, thanked the president for spearheading this renovation executed by Ambitious Construction company limited and urged Ugandans to continue utilizing the facility so that Uganda and the international community appreciates the different cultures the country has. “I grew up knowing that when one talks about culture, what resonates in one’s ear is the mighty Kingdom of Buganda and the Kabaka but with diversity in culture, I am proud to walk holding my head high being a Japhadola” he added.

The function was punctuated with cultural performances from Pride Performers Africa who praised the colonial government and Agakhan for being foresighted by constructing this cultural centre. They recited the vision and mission of Uganda National Cultural Centre with prescient to the amusement of the guests.

Facts about Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC)
The Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) is a Ugandan statutory body that was established by the Uganda National Cultural Centre Act of 1959 amended in 1965. It was officially inaugurated on 02 December 1959, it is charged with:
• Providing and establishing theatre and cultural centres in the country
• Encouraging and developing cultural and artistic activities
• Providing a home to societies, groups and organisations that deal in art, culture and entertainment